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Posted by Aamir Hasan   on Monday, September 6, 2010 Total Views:  

Several time developers asked me about email address validation on client side. So, i have decided to write an article on custom regular expression for email address to validate.

Open your Visual Studio 2010. Create new Web Application.You will  find jQuery library in your web application project as shown in below.

Add jquery file in your master page. If you are using jquery syntax on different pages.

Open your default.aspx page. Drag one TextBox, one Button and one Label in your default.aspx page as shown in below figure.


Wirte a function will filter email address and return true and false condition of valid/Invalid email address as shown in below figure.


Write a function will check the validation of Email Address  as shown in Below figure.


User click on submit button without filling Email address, will shows message as shown in below figure.


Submit button is clicked with Invalid email address as shown in below figure.


Regular Expression for Email Address in with jQuery




Regular Expression for Email Address in with jQuery

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