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Posted by Aamir Hasan   on Friday, May 3, 2013 Total Views:  

In Sharepoint 2013,Sign in as  a different user is missing from dropdown menu, I got this problem when i was working on Sharepoint 2013 web site to sign in as different user to check the rights. This problem occurs for developers those are testing the application with different users. When user authentication session is created and redirect to Sharepoint 2013 site. Next time this will automatically redirected to Sharepoint 2013 site. But if user is using form based Authentication the default sign in page will be display for credentials.

Solution 1: 

You can directly past the following link in your browser to login as different user.

http://<site url>:port/_layouts/closeConnection.aspx?loginasanotheruser=true

You will see the authentication dialog box as shown


Note: You can also add a hyperlink url


Solution 2:

 You can directly add “Sign in as different user” option in drop down menu. to add  "Sign In different User "  item in drop down menu. Let’s start. 

Locate the Welcome.ascx user control  and Open in a text editor.

Add the following element before sign out element item.


If you have alternative solution, Please comments here to share with us.

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